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VL10 VL20 & VL30 Gatelocks

For use on lift landings, Dewhurst gatelocks are robustly designed dual-contact locks, with pre-locking features. The VL10/11/20 and VL21 are use with collapsible gates or sliding doors; the VL30/31 with single swing doors. The gate locks are used in conjunction with a suitable retiring ramp (such as the Dewhurst Type FR21) and are adaptable for either right-hand or left-hand operation.
  • Available from stock (left or right-hand options)
  • Robustly designed dual-contact lock
  • The VL10/20/30 locks now comply with the requirements of BS EN81-20:2014 & BS EN81-50:2014 as per Lift Directive 2014/33/EU for Landing Door Locking Devices
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Can be used with the Dewhurst FR21 Retiring Ramp


The rugged, low cost VC40A switch is used with a suitable operating ramp, to limit the travel of electric lifts and skiphoists etc. requiring accurate positioning at low speeds. It is supplied with normally-closed contacts and an earth safety screen.
  • Ideal for low speed final limit switch
  • 1 normally close (1N/C)Contact rating 5A @ 240Vac or 2A @ 240Vdc
  • Meets EN81-1 1998
  • CSA and other recognised standards
  • Available from stock
  • Rugged, low cost switch

VC50 Limit Switch

This rugged, competitively priced VC50 switch is used with a suitable operating ramp to limit the travels of electric lifts and ship hoists. It is supplied with one normally open and one normally closed contact.
  • Ideal for final limit switch or slowing switch
  • 1 normally close and 1 normally open contact (1N/C+1N/O)
  • Contact rating 3A @ 240Vac or 0.5A @ 240Vdc
  • Available from stock
  • Rugged, low cost switch

Car Gate Switch

The car gate switch is for incorporation in the interlocking circuits of collapsible gates or sliding doors of lift cars.
  • Meets EN81-1 1998
  • 1 normally open contact (1NO)
  • Contact rating 2A @240Vac

EM21 Proximity Switch

The EM21 is designed to provide car position signals in the control of electric and hydraulic lifts and elevators. It is a rugged and heavy duty switch, small enough to fit within the overall depth of standard T guides. The EM21 is rated to IP32. Switch rating:
  • 10 Watts @250Vdc (non-inductive)
  • 10VA @240Vac RMSmaximun current 1A @ 250V

  • Provides car position signals in the control of electric and hydraulic lifts
  • Rugged and heavy duty switch
  • Provides car position signals in the control of electric and hydraulic lifts
  • Rugged and heavy duty switch
  • Switch rating: 10 Watts @250Vdc (non-inductive) and 10VA @240Vac RMSmaximun current 1A @ 250V
  • Life expectancy >12M operations
  • Repeat accuracy: 1.6mm in 10M operations
  • Speed range:  0.01m/sec to 2.5m/sec or 2ft/min to 500ft/mim

SWT Limit Switch

This geared limit switch is for use in light and medium-duty applications where it is necessary to limit reciprocating motion. The point at which the switch operates is precisely and easily adjustable by means of a special microsetting device. Available versions:
  • Left-hand, gear ratio 36:1 001003-020000
  • Right-hand, gear ratio 36:1 001003-010000
  • Right-hand, gear ratio 115:1 001003-030000* – only available from Storth Ltd Tel: 01524 781 900
  • Others available from stock. Call for details.

VF20 (coffin) Safety Switch

The VF20, or Coffin Safety Switch is designed to be incorporated in pilot interlocking and safety circuits of control equipment. Contact ratings available as 200Watt max @ 240Vdc 2A (non-inductive), 200Watt max @240Vdc 1A (inductive) or12KVA max 440Vac RMS 5A max.
  • Wide range of applications
  • Silver-to-silver contacts
  • Positive break (safety contact)

FR21 Retiring Ramp

FR21 is designed to prevent landing doors or gates being snatched open whilst the lift car is passing through a LOCK zone at intermediate floors. Used in Dewhurst prelocking lift systems it also ensures that the landing door mechanism has functioned correctly before the car is allowed to move away.
  • Available from stock
  • Robustly designed
  • Fabricated steel ramp
  • Designed to work with Dewhurst VL gatelock range
  • Wide range of coil voltages available (see data sheet below)

Safety Edges Vision 1

Already recognised as a market leader in the provision of door detection systems, Formula Systems is raising the bar again… Changing the way you see things… The new Vision series offers a variety of features designed to enhance the passenger experience while, at the same time, reducing the potential for harm to both the individual and the elevator itself.
  • No control box required if 18-30Vdc available on car top
  • Standard flex cable
  • Patented diagonal beam
  • Red flashing beam light at floor level
  • Fast fit clamp option
  • 45ms response to beam interruption
  • Greater protection
  • 5 year warranty