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This is the principal pushbutton within our range - a durable button with a huge range of styles



The new Compact 3 is an evolution of the very popular Compact 2. Which has been slimmed down so that its depth is now only 25mm.


A flexible, all purpose surface mount pushbutton



 A low profile version of Compact 2, incorporating unique PushGateTM switching technology


With Compact 3P we have taken the depth of the product even lower to only 18mm, making it the ideal replacement for C2M.  


A flexible, all purpose surface mount pushbutton with two colour illumination


An extra long pushbutton, ideal

for use as a main floor button

A weatherproof, palm operated button, ideal for handicap lifts

Large, easy to see, easy to use pushbutton with styles that match Compact 2

US85 Braille

Large, highly visible, easily operated,

vandal-resistant pushbutton