About Us

Dupar Controls Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of quality components to the elevator and keypad industries.

The company was founded in 1958 and is now a recognized world leader in Elevator push-button technology.

Dupar is one of the most advanced companies in North America specializing in Elevator Fixtures and is continually investing in innovation, design and manufacturing automation to meet our Customers ever-changing requirements.

Dupar is probably best known for its wide range of high quality pushbutton products. Although we have been making pushbuttons for a long time, a breakthrough was made in 1971 with the launch of the US81 Original Pushbutton. This really was a unique design, which began a styling of chrome surround with a stainless pressel that has been imitated (but never matched) by many others. Following on from the success of the US81 the company has since focused heavily on Pushbuttons and Fixture products and now has a wide and very popular range of Braille, B44-00 & ANSI Pushbuttons.

As well as having a significant presence in the elevator industry, Dupar is also a major player in the keypad industry and supplies a wide range of products for the ATM industry.

Recently Dupar has completed a major plant expansion doubling our factory and office facilities. This has allowed us to acquire additional automated equipment operating on two full shifts.

Utilizing state of the art in-house design and CAD technology, Dupar provides an extremely quick turn-around in producing approval drawings for your Custom requirements. From receipt of order, Dupar provides full integration between your final approved drawing, order entry into our Manufacturing System that is integrated with fully automated Trumpf Laser Cutting, CNC Punching, CNC Engraving & CNC Studding.

Here at Dupar we are all part of the Customer Services Team and we strive to provide Exceptional service …